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If a website "sits on a secure server" but has NO SSL, is the website secure & safe to log-into?

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QUESTION: If a website has NO SSL on ANY WEBPAGE -- including the LOGIN-PAGE or any of the MEMBER-PAGES after a member logs-in -- BUT the website's Customer Service person says that the website is secure "because it sits on a secure server in a secure facility", is the website -- and any login-data or member-pages-data on the website -- TRULY SECURE?

In particular (for example), what would be the security -- or lack of security -- for logging-in (as a member) to this website: http://uspressassociation.org/page.php?18

Can log-in data, and member-pages-data, on a website that NEVER SHOWS SSL IN THE URL-BAR (and which NEVER SHOWS A "PADLOCK", etc.) truly be considered SECURE? Or is showing SSL an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for website-security?
asked Dec 22, 2015 in General by Neutron-1 (120 points)

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No, that website is not secure.
The best way to check any site is the connection information in the browser.

Your example:

Yes, there is a 'lock' symbol at the bottom right hand corner of the login page -  that simply protects the website and not the user. Testing the certificate for uspressassociation.org  results in the message "the server can't be reached".

SSL.com strongly recommends you NEVER login or share other personal information to any unsecured site.

answered Dec 22, 2015 by samantha (140 points)
edited Dec 22, 2015 by cskemmerer

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