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What is the technical difference between secure and unsecure connection on Facebook?

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Recently I found a notification from my friend warning me that my facebook account is unsecure and can be hacked anytime. To avoid it.. I went to my account setting anf enabled the secure connection which made some difference turning my "http" into "https" .


So Technically What is the basic difference between secure and unsecure connection?
asked Sep 2, 2011 in Networks by anonymous

3 Answers

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the https will encrypt the information you send (including username and passwords) to facebook.

the http will not encrypt your data and as a result someone on the network (like a wireless network) can easily see your username and password.
answered Sep 24, 2011 by Leo Grove (1,890 points)
a wireless network can especially be vulnerable to man-in-middle attacks since anyone with a laptop can "snatch" your data from a shared wifi hotspot, so it's very important to be sure anysite you visit on a wireless network is using ssl (ie https in the address)
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Yes, the user name and password will be encrtpted by https, where as http will not encrypt your information. This the reason for the error.
answered Jul 23, 2014 by Llewellyn (160 points)
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We now use https by default for all Facebook users. This feature, which we first introduced as an option two years ago, means that your browser is told to communicate with Facebook using a secure connection, as indicated by the "https" rather than "http". This uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), formerly known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and makes the communication between your browser and Facebook servers more secure. If you are businessmen and want to promote your business, then Instagram is the best place then facebook. You can buy Instagram followers from any reputed Instagram marketing service providers, it will help you to gain popularity instantly. For more information visit at: http://www.socialwander.com
answered Jul 6, 2015 by SocialWander (140 points)

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