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Is purchasing the only way to get a secure Internet connection?

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I am trying to access support for my debt card. I get a red page saying "do not proceed, someone trying to intercept your info". I noticed the address changed right before I was taken to a site for my info. So I typed "https" , to no avail. Still went to bogus site. So I asked Google what did I need to do to get a secure link to my debt card , and this site came up . So , is this what one has to do now to get secure usage of the internet?
asked Feb 23, 2015 in General by John

1 Answer

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No, most visitors should be able to access a secure version of the site they want simply by typing https in the address like you have done, or going to home page of the website and clicking something like 'log in' which should redirect you to a url with https in it. It's all free.
answered Mar 17, 2015 by administrator (2,860 points)

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