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how do I install an SSL certificate on my system running a web service created with the MS Web API

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We have an SSL for our main Web Server domain. We are forwarding web service request to port 9090 to another system running Windows 7 which is running a WEB API application created using the .net 4.5 platform.  I am not using IIS or any other Internet Server. This applicaiton runs as a Windows Service. My company purchased  3 SSL certificates and now I need  to install one on my system for this Restful web service. Please direct me  to some sources of which will explain the step by step procedures for installing the SSL Certificate.
asked Jan 14, 2015 in SSL Certificates by Steven Andler

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I was able to find some information on Framework 4.5 and the integration of SSL certificates to a RESTful web API over at the ASP.net development center.  Here are instructions on working with SSL in Web API: 




In addition, I was able to locate some resources on configuring a port to work with SSL when creating a self-hosted Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service.  This information may also be useful to you.




If you have any other qustions, please let us know. We're always happy to help.

answered Jan 21, 2015 by administrator (2,860 points)

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