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How to know that their is a proxy kind of server as a third party system to hack your confidential info ?

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I Want to know that is there any kind of proxy server can act as a third party to hack into your system and also gain the confidential information of the user.
asked Oct 11, 2014 in SSL Certificates by Ravi

1 Answer

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Normal proxy servers will not be able to decrypt secure data.  However, a system can be setup where the local administrators for a machine will install modified CA certs to allow a proxy to act as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. This usually happens for corporate networks where there are company usage restrictions or virus scans being performed.  

If you are using a computer that you control and you are not authorizing any untrusted, or unsecured connections, then your data should be fine.
answered Nov 19, 2014 by administrator (2,860 points)

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