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i cant acces www.google.com on my pc

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2,544 views asked Jun 6, 2014 in Networks by ali

2 Answers

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If you post the error message or screen shot of what is happening then that would be super useful in solving your problem.  You could possibly have malware, just not be connected to the internet, or your DNS resolution could be broken.  Without an error message it is really hard to solve your problem.
answered Aug 20, 2014 by WannaBeGeekster (1,700 points)
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If you are facing problem to open www.google.com on your pc then you can update your browser and then you can open it. And you can also visit on youtube and find solution of your problem by watching more views videos related to your problems. because more youtube views videos are having perfect solution. 

answered Oct 8, 2014 by Mellisa (220 points)