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Installing Certificates on IIS 5

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Your instructions on installing an SSL certificate on IIS 5 are quite confusing.

Do I install all three in the Intermediate Certification Authorities and then install the domain certificate in IIS, or do I install the root certificate in Trusted Root Certification Authorites, the intermediate certificate in Intermediate Certification Authorities, and then the domain certificate in IIS?

Or do I do something different?
asked May 28, 2014 in SSL Certificates by anonymous

1 Answer

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The domain certificate is always installed in IIS.  If it is installed using the Certificates snap-in of MMC then it frequently breaks the key pairing of the certificate and the private key.

When you import the Intermediate certificates using the Certificates Snap-in of the MMC it automatically places these files in the right certificate store.  So it doesn't really matter where you try to install them, they will always go to their intended store.
answered Aug 14, 2014 by WannaBeGeekster (1,700 points)

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