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How to create ssl cert in windows iis 7.5

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689 views asked Mar 14, 2014 in SSL Certificates by anonymous

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There are multiple kinds of certificates you can create.  You can create a Certificate Signing Request which is what you can provide to your Certificate Authority during the certificate issuance process.  The end result will be a certificate that your web browser accepts as secure without a pop-up notification saying it cannot validate the authenticity of the certificate.

You can use the IIS Manager to create a certificate by open the IIS manager and clicking on the server then in the middle page select Security Certificates.  From there you can start the Certificate Signing Request process or a self-signed certificate.  If you choose to purchase a SSL certificate this is also the page you visit to Complete Certificate Request after your certificate has been issued.

Alternatively you can use the Certificates Add-in for the mmc.
answered May 13, 2014 by WannaBeGeekster (1,700 points)

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