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Do I need to changemy IP address for an SSL certificate to work?

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We have site on a shared server which means a shared IP. We bought an Quick SSL certificate for our domain but when we try to install and access it, it does not work and points to the hosting company's shared SSl certificate. The support group is telling us that we need to point our domain name through our DNS provider to the SSL IP address that's different from our current shared IP address for our website address... we think that would breakdown our website.. What should we do?
asked Mar 11, 2012 in SSL Certificates by anonymous
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4 Answers

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Nope do not change your ip address . for instaaling SSL Certificate you need to follow this steps.

  1. Generate a CSR (certificate request).
  2. Submit the CSR to your third-party certifying authority, and fill out their requested information.
  3. Receive the certificate (and any chain certificates, if necessary) from your certifying authority.
  4. Import the certificate and any chain certificates to your (mt) Media Temple server.
answered Mar 28, 2012 by anonymous
Make sure that there are 5 dashes on each side of Begin and End certificate request. There should also be no trailing spaces in the CSR.
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some times if you dint meet the SSL Certificate installation standards and ruels then it will not be installed , I would give link , check out for guidlines


answered Jun 12, 2012 by franciszen (1,340 points)
this link has nothing to do with the question
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An SSL Certificate is usually issued to a domain name and not an IP address. So long as your web server is hosting the domain name for which your SSL Certificate has been issued, the IP address doesn't matter.You can get SSL Certificate from here http://www.instantssl.com/ssl-certificate-products/free-ssl-certificate.html
answered Jul 20, 2012 by anonymous
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sounds like you have a single ip address which all the websites are trying to use. Either you need to integrate all domains into a single ucc certificate (see https://www.ssl.com/certificates/ucc) and put that cert onto the ip address, or you need to requisition more ip addresses and install your issued certificate on one of the free ip addresses.

answered Nov 2, 2012 by Jason Moran (820 points)

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