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Is my wordpress website is secure? Do I need SSL certification?

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My website "http://www.getpnrstatus.co.in/" provides pnr status enquiry facility of Indian Railway tickets. The websites has thousands of visitors daily.  I want to know will SSL Certificate be helpful to protect make my website against any type of threats. I wish to secure all areas of my website. Please tell me what security steps are needed to ensure maximum security.
asked Jan 5, 2014 in SSL Certificates by shoebsiddique (130 points)

2 Answers

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SSL will definitely help make your visitors browsing experience a more secure one. It encrypts data to-and-fro your visitors' browsers and your server. So SSL is ideal for all traffic, but especially things like login pages (where username and passwords are sent) or checkout pages (where credit card information is submitted).

Any of the major Certificate Authorities can issue you a globally trusted ssl certificate, but since you are on the ssl.com answers site, you can try out https://www.ssl.com/certificates/basicssl/buy

I would definitely recommend you get your own certificate since you are currently using another website's ssl certificate, and you will get the 'This site is untrusted' pop up:

answered Jan 5, 2014 by Leo Grove (1,890 points)
Thanks for quick response. I really thank you from my bottom of heart. I will definitely go for it.
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answered Jan 27, 2014 by jack98 (140 points)
Sure, i will read this.

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