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Is a website safe if it has a verification seal but no other indications of security?

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The website has a 'godaddy verified and secured' seal. I have validated the certificate using two different  lookup tools. However, the url begins with 'www' and does not contain https and there is not a 'lock' icon. Google Chrome site information states 'identity not verified'. I'm confused! Thanks so much!
asked Jul 30, 2013 in SSL Certificates by anonymous

1 Answer

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SSL encryption causes extra CPU processes to encrypt and decrypt the information before sening and after receiving data. On busy sites this can cause extra delays in page load, so not all sites force SSL on all pages.  You are most likely being redirected to the non-ssl page for a page that doesn't have any private data or the site login page.

This is not a good practice for security, but it is for performance reasons. Slowly over time you will see most people forcing SSL on their websites due to recent announcements by Google.  Otherwise if you do not see the lock icon on a web page then look for a login page and see if SSL is enabled there.  If so then the site should be fine.  Just be sure to manually log out when you do not need to be logged in to use the site.
answered Aug 25, 2014 by WannaBeGeekster (1,700 points)

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