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Is SSL required for intranet?

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hi all,

i work in a company where intranet is accessed through http?i was wondering if there is any advantage to use https?How it will help strengthen my company's security?

Thanks in advance
asked Nov 11, 2011 in General by mishra.prerna85 (120 points)

3 Answers

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I will encrypt data that you are sending through the internet. Otherwise, you data is easily readable if capture while being transmitted.
answered Dec 9, 2011 by Leo Grove (1,890 points)
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up its needed inorder to be safe from major attacks of mawares.
answered Apr 11, 2012 by anonymous
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Intranets and internal networks can still have traffic spoofed and captured easily. Https encrypts the data even from hackers within an organization. Not every employee within an orgnization should be trusted with your most sensitive data.
answered Dec 20, 2013 by anonymous

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