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what is https

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  • http stands for "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol", the primary technology protocol on the Web that allows linking and browsing.
  • https is "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol" with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), another protocol primarily developed with secure, safe Internet transactions in mind.

So when you navigate to a site such as Amazon or eBay and you go to pay for something, either through a secure shopping cart or an outside payment system such as Paypal, you should see the address in your browser address bar change significantly if the site you have arrived at is a https site, because the https in front of the URL indicates that you are now in a "secure session."


answered Mar 13, 2013 by jimarmstrong (430 points)
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HTTPS indicates Hyper Text Transfer Protocol with Secured Socket Layer.If a website has this indiaction then it means that the website includes the necessary protective layers.If you're going to run an online store or ecommerce Web site, you should be aware to include this provision to safeguard your visitor's personal and payment information.

HTTP sends the data collected over the Internet in plain text. This means that if you have a form asking for a credit card number, that credit card number can be intercepted by anyone(hacker).

When you set up the web page with https the website passes over the secured layers and encryption process.Hence the user's data are well protected.

There are several service providers like XnYnZ.com who authenticated the website with a https staus with their SSL Certificates service.

answered Jun 10, 2013 by hanged (920 points)

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