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Can I install Windows Certification Authority on Windows Server Core Platform?

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To limit the attack surface of my Windows Certification Authority (CA), can I install it on a Windows Server Core platform?
asked Jan 24, 2013 in Networks by codybanks (340 points)
reshown Dec 16, 2013 by administrator

1 Answer

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You can install a root CA or subordinate CA by using an enterprise or standalone configuration.

To Install and configure Server Core

Adding the CA service by using SetupCA.vbs

Managing CA on a Server Core installation 

here is the source where you can find each and every steps for installing CA on windows core server

Source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff849263(v=ws.10).aspx#BKMK_ManageCA


answered Mar 14, 2013 by jimarmstrong (430 points)

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