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I hear ssl has had some issues with hacking in the past. What happened with Diginotar?

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I'd like to know what's going on in the news about ssl being hacked, etc
asked Nov 13, 2012 in General by Jason Moran (820 points)
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Yes it's true, the past couple of years have seen a number of hacks targeting certificate authories. Comodo, Startssl, globalsign, and diginotar all have had varying degrees of hacking attempts (and successes) directed at them, with diginotar paying the ultimate price and going out of business.

here is an interesting high level article about the events that unfolded

answered Nov 13, 2012 by administrator (2,860 points)
Also, there was an incident last year that involved Trustwave. However, that was not a hacking related incident but rather a policy violation. They almost had their trusted root revoked in Mozilla browsers which would have essentially resigned them to the same fate as Diginotar, however, they were given a stern warning instead.



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