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Multiple domains on SSL IIS7

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I seem to be going round in circles trying to run more than one website (sub domains) with a wildcard SSL certificate on port 443.

At first it won't let me bing to 443 because of another website using that port.

I added another internal IP to the server NIC, but as their is no NAT and we only have one external IP it doens't work!

Is it possible to have one public IP , run multiple websites in IIS7 using a wildcard SSL and port 443?

I've heard the word 'SSL aggregator' , but understand them to be stupidly expensive.

Why is what seems to be something really simple so hard to implement?

originally asked by 1DMF - http://forums.devshed.com/iis-97/multiple-domains-on-ssl-iis7t-908300.html

asked Nov 4, 2012 in SSL Certificates by Jason Moran (820 points)

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Thanks Guys,

I got it sorted by assinging additional IP's to the server NIC and binding the subdomains needing to use the wildcard SSL to the relevant IP address.

I even have one delveopment Catalyst site on a subdomain using the wildcard SSL certificate assigned to it's own internal IP on the server NIC and using NAT/port forwading on the firewall for the port number the application is listening on as it isn't 443 standard SSL.

I know you can run a command line to assign more than one website (subdomain) to the same IP to use the wildcard SSL, but as it wasn't recommended by my hosting company and nor can it be done through the IIS GUI, this is a better solution.


answered Nov 4, 2012 by Jason Moran (820 points)