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hotmail wont let me access my inbox

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i have just created a new email acount on hotmail, when i sign in it says 'you email is not verified, follow the instructions on the email sent to (email adress) to verify'.

so, i follow the instructions and go to my inbox to read my verification email, one problem. it wont let me into my inbox because i havent verified but if the verification email is in my inbox and it wont let me in my inbox what do i do?
asked Aug 24, 2011 in Email by anonymous

2 Answers

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The idea behind 'follow the instructions on the email sent to (email adress) to verify' is so that an the email address, which should be different than the on you are trying to verify, can be used as a verification tool.

So to summarize, the hotmail account email address should be different than the external email address that you are using as a verification tool. Futhermore, the external email address should exists and already be accessible to you.

I hop this answers your question.

answered Aug 24, 2011 by administrator (2,310 points)
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Did you try it with mobile link?
answered Apr 11, 2012 by anonymous

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