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But who's to say that my ISP didn't pop their own certificate to perform and Man in the middle?

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Usenet with SSL is considered one of the safest forms of communication left, - but given that usenet clients\readers do not generally display a padlock sign or web-page warning messages about the validity of the certificates on the server that it is connecting to, - How would someone know if they were connecting to a server that had a compromised certificate and thus prone to eavesdropping? Government are pushing all the time for ISPs to intercept SSL and decrypt. Why is the internet service provider noted in the data stream for example? Addtionally, everything that I tried to download in the last week or so would not open and play within the client. How likely is it that the ISP had managed at some point to get inbetween my client and the server to eavesdrop\capture the traffic?
asked Sep 14, 2012 in SSL Certificates by anonymous
reshown Dec 31, 2013 by administrator

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You would want to find a usenet client that would display the padlock or some other indicator that SSL is active. Without any indicator, the SSL feature of the usenet client would be useless to the vast majority of users IMHO.
answered May 7, 2014 by Ralph

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