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Does my SSL on my home pc expire,and how important is it

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I have been getting phone calls from someone saying they were from Microsoft ,telling me i have serious infection on my pc,So i went along and after lots of buttons pressing they showed me tons of probs on my pc,including a report telling my ssl had ran out ,now the want £100 to restore my ssl and give me a yr's worth of cover,I dont own a website ,is my ssl that important to my pc and do i need them to update my ssl
asked Jul 26, 2012 in SSL Certificates by anonymous

1 Answer

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I received as phone call this weekend from a 'windows' technical support.

Like you I did go through the rigmarole of pressing keys and being shown PNF files and an expired SSL certificate. However when he couldn't/wouldn't give me the zipcode of the address in California they were supposedly calling from I pulled out of the discussion.

Like you I don't have my own website, I do some home office work on my pc, otherwise it's just social.

Did you find out anything? As it would be helpful to know.
answered Sep 24, 2012 by milly (140 points)

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